Monday, 21 December 2015

Another Painting project: House Sign!

My new painting project!
(Please note, this picture was taken many months after my painting project where the weather had not been kind to the wood. Next time more varnish will be needed!)
As I mentioned in my previous posts, I am enjoying painting so much at the moment and this mini project gave me time to practise more. This old house sign needed a repaint so out came the paints!

I started by sanding down the chipped paint and old vanish. I did this by hand using sandpaper wrapped around a wooden block which provided better grip. 

Then, I repainted the insect designs using acrylic paints. I had never painted on wood before and it proved more difficult than expected due to the uneven surface. I found that it was best to apply the paint straight on without adding water and to use a small pointed brush. 

Next, I applied a dark varnish to the letters. 
After leaving to dry, I applied several layers of spray on clear varnish to seal the paint.

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