Monday, 30 March 2015

Watercolour cards

I have recently rediscovered my love for watercolour paints.
By no means am I any good at painting but even so, I love it! The best thing about watercolour is that it doesn't necessarily need to be neat and they are just so easy to mix and blend. 
I started off simple. This little dog card is a copy from a Quentin Blake illustration. I love his style and think his illustration are so fun and friendly. Check out his website here for all of this beautiful designs.
 As I have said before, cards for men are significantly more difficult. This is where watercolours are perfect as all you have to do is paint something that they like and voila. This card was supposed to be a Morris Minor car. Admittedly, the proportions are slightly off but I am still proud of my efforts and it was gratefully received. 
This is the final card of the lot so far (I'm sure plenty more will be on the way). 
With all the pictures I have created, I have used other pictures to inspire me. I am not yet confident enough with my own drawings to work from blank but I will keep practising.

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