Sunday, 29 March 2015

Washi Tape Cards

I ♥ washi tape. So simple but a great way to inject pattern and colour into any card design. Here is a few to try...
Washi tape: Washi tape is coloured or patterned tape that is either made from paper or fabric. It very is easy to apply and can be purchased in most craft stores. However, I have found the best place to buy it is from ebay/amazon. Not only does this offer a greater selection of colours and designs but you can shop around for the best prices.
Design 1:
I had lots of these photo style card templates and have never been inspired to use them. Now, they make perfect frames for little washi tape designs with wooden embellishments! 
Tip: I would always recommend putting the washi tape onto white paper/card as the colour behind can sometimes show through. 

Design 2: 
This was a bit of an experiment but I am pleased with the result. I had lots of these sticker templates that originally came out of a kids stain glass kit. However, they were perfect overlays for the washi tape. After placing the sticker on top, I used a sharpie to fill in the extra spaces.

Design 3: 
To make these cards, I cut out a white strip of card for the centre and arranged different strips of washi tape onto it. After sticking this to the centre of the card, I then stuck on simple embellishments such as these felt flowers and wooden shapes. 

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