Sunday, 15 March 2015

How to Weave on a Paper Plate

This craft is 'Oh so simple' and is great to do with kids! 
I apologise that I have no step by step photos at this stage. I was making this craft with 24 children so as you can imagine, there was no time for photos. However, I will update this at a later date. Here is a lovely video that I showed the kids:

Setting up your plate!
Step 1. Cut 13 evenly spaced slits around the edge of your plate.
Step 2. Make a hole in the centre of your plate. 
Step 3. Starting from the back of the plate, thread a piece of wool through the first slit and across the plate to the slit on the opposite side. 
Step 4. Then, move into the second slit and thread across to the opposing slit. Repeat this process until you have reached the final slit. 
Step 5. Thread your wool through the final slit. Then, use the end of the wool to wrap the wool in the middle to create a star. Go through the hole in the centre and secure at the back.

Let's get weaving!
Step 6. Tie your first piece of coloured wool to the centre of the spider-web. Then using an 'under, over, under, over' weaving motion, weave around the plate. 
Step 7. To change colour, attach the new piece of wool to the one you are using and carry on! 
Step 8. Once you have completed your weaving, secure the end to spider-web. 
Step 9: Paint and decorate your plate.
Added notes: You could also add buttons, beads and textured  wool into your weaving to see what effects and textures it creates. In some of ours, we used scrapes of fabrics. 

Happy crafting!

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