Sunday, 14 December 2014

How to make a Ribbon and Button Christmas Wreath

A fun and easy Christmas wreath...
There are so many beautiful Christmas wreaths on Pinterest at this time of year which inspired me to create my own, which meant that of course, buttons had to be involved!

I was kindly given the metal wreath ring but they are available all over the internet in all different sizes and forms depending on the wreath you are making! I have even seen someone using a bent metal clothes hanger which looked great too.

Here is how I made mine:1. Go to your nearest craft shop and buy loads of ribbon. I bought mine during the Christmas sale and picked out as many different shades, patterns, textures and widths of green as I could find. 
2. Tightly double knot pieces of ribbon to the ring. They don't have to be the same length, that's the great thing about it! This part is very therapeutic to do in front of the TV and takes very little time at all!
3. Repeat until you have completed the ring. 
4. Use a glue gun to stick on red buttons! Easy. :) 
Happy crafting!

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