Saturday, 30 August 2014

How to Make a Simple Cushion

A simple step by step method to making your own cushions! 

There are many different ways to make cushions and I am certainly not claiming this to be the best way or rather that I am the first/only person to make cushions using this method. However, this simple, quick and easy approach worked well for me and so I thought I might share it with you all. Using this approach also meant that I didn't need to sew a fiddly little zipper in so an added bonus in my opinion! 

1. Fold the longest edge of the fabric neatly in half. Cut the width of fabric you require. As I was making a cover for a square pillow sized 16x16", I cut the fabric to a width of 17". The length of the fabric should not be adjusted.

2. Wrap the pillow (with fabric inside out) as seen in the pictures aside. You can sew along the hems at this point if you want it to look neat. 

3. Remove pillow and pin (or tack) edges together. You may want to iron your pillow at this stage.

4. Machine stitch along the edges. 

5. Turn out your pillow and add inset. Done and dusted! Finito! The 4 cushions took me less than 40 minutes to make and will look perfect in my little reading nook. :) Happy crafting!

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