Sunday, 13 July 2014

How to Make a Button Frame

Another simple craft that requires so little time and effort. I have published a button frame post previously which you can view here, however this time I wanted to keep it really simple and use bright colourful buttons to make it stand out in my classroom. Here are the steps... 

1. Get a simple wooden frame. I managed to get this a4 frame for £1 - bargain. :) You can paint your frame first, however this depends on the look you want. I was happy with the plain wood so skipped this step. 

2. Arrange your buttons on top of the frame. You need to be happy with the arrangement before sticking. I had no particular way of doing this, however you could arrange them into specific patterns or lines depending on what the frame is for. 

3. Glue, glue, glue. I just used my good ole' trusty glue gun, but you could use any strong glue to fix the buttons to the frame. 

4. Leave to dry, then hang on the wall. I haven't done this step yet, however I plan to use a lime green ribbon to make it really stand out. :) Happy crafting. 

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