Tuesday, 8 July 2014

How to Create Decopatch Crafts

I have gone a little decoptach mad at the moment, it's such a simple craft but can look really effective. Many people use the proper decoptach glue and paper which can be quite expensive but I have also used wrapping paper and PVA (much cheaper!) and still managed to get the same effect. Here is how to create a decoptach craft...

1. Rip up small pieces of tissue paper, wrapping paper and/or decoptach paper. Try not to chose stiff paper as it is really difficult to stick down and often does not achieve the same effect.

2. Mix together some water and PVA. You don't want to use too much water, just enough to make the PVA slightly thinner and runnier in texture. If you are using special decopatch glue you will not need to add water.

3. Apply PVA to the area that you wish to start on. It helps to be a little generous with the glue.

4. Press a piece of paper onto the glued section and apply a second layer of PVA on top. Use a brush to get rid of creases in the paper and to create a smooth surface.

5. Continue this process, whilst overlapping the papers. Sometimes the corners and edges can be tricky, so you many need to try different sized pieces of paper and fold them over carefully.

6. Once you have finished your craft, spread on another layer of PVA to ensure that all of the edges have been properly pressed down. This also helps to create a nice finish.

Notes on decoration: Explore with colour. On some crafts, I have stuck with a very specific colour scheme or specific paper type and other times I have just mixed it up. Both looks great. :)

Different projects: Although I have only applied this technique (at the moment) to cardboard surfaces, I'm sure it would work on many other projects. There are loads of fantastic ideas on the web for chairs, photo frames etc. I will definitely be trying a few out myself in the future...

Hope this is helpful, happy crafting! :)

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