Wednesday, 16 July 2014

How to Create a Button Bag

Why not add a cute button or two to your bags?  
ps: I apologise that my rucksack is very creased (it is definitely well loved!)

I started doing this years ago - as far back as secondary school when I used to decorate my school rucksacks. I don't know why it hasn't occurred to me to post this earlier. But what a cute and easy way to make your bags a little bit more unique. And it would look so lovely on children's bags. :)

Each button is lovingly stitched on by hand which surprisingly didn't take very long at all. I would definitely advise using a really sharp needle as the fabric can be quite stiff. I would also recommend using a strong thread and stitching each button multiple times to make your bag really durable. As you can see I went for bright, bold and colourful buttons, however I'm sure they would look just as lovely coordinated.
Happy crafting! :) 

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