Tuesday, 20 May 2014

How to Create a Washi Tape Pencil Pot

So many uses for the fabulous washi tape, what a fantastic invention to brighten up so many crafts. I ordered lots of washi tape recently and have been waiting for a free moment to get stuck in! So here goes..

1. Open the tin from the inside of the ridge - you don't want the spiked edge to ruin the pencil pot or become a hazard.
2. Clean the tin. You won't be able to do this after so try and make it as clean and fresh as you can. Luckily my tin was full of fruit, however I wouldn't advise using tins of curry or anything of that sort as it won't make a particularly nice smelling pencil pot.
3. Starting at the top of the can, work slowly around the ridge with washi tape.
4. Add more layers of washi tape gradually moving down the can. You may like to be more colour coordinated than me, I was going for the bright and colourful look.
5. To make it extra special, add a layer of clear glue on top to give it a finish and protective glaze.

I look forward to posting again soon with more washi tape crafts! Hope you like, please comment. :)

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