Wednesday, 28 May 2014

How to Make a Wire Button Heart Ornament.

I have realised that I haven't done any button crafts in a little while. So to say true to the name of this blog, let's get crafting with wire button hearts...

After all the wire crafts I have done this week I suddenly thought, why not try it with buttons? Today I went for a lime green theme. Here is how I made it...
1. Make a basic heart shape with a thickish wire.
2. Twist the ends of the wire together at the centre of the heart. (see pictures above). I would advise using tools to do this as the wire can be fiddly and difficult to twist - e.g. flat nose pliers.
3. Using a thinner piece of wire, wrap one end around the edge of the heart. I wouldn't recommend starting at the point of the heart as this can be quite fiddly.
4. Thread on your first button making sure the wire is tight and secure. 
5. As you have passed through the first button, make sure that you wrap the wire around the heart frame again.Try to do this at every opportunity as it helps to secure the buttons and stop them from rotating around the frame.
6. Continue adding buttons. You can see from the picture (left) what my frame looked like after I finished my first piece of wire. You should need between 3-5 pieces of wire to complete the frame.

TIP: It is a good idea to overlap buttons as it helps to create a more textured look and locks the buttons into place. 
Happy Crafting :) 

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