Friday, 23 May 2014

How to Make a Beaded Suncatcher

This craft is enough to brighten up any rainy day...

I have never really done any wire sculpturing before so I thought I might have a go and explore. This is what I did...  

1. Decide on a shape. I went for a simple heart shape but you might like to be more adventurous and attempt something more complex e.g. star, droplet etc.

2. Create your basic shape from wire making sure to tightly wrap the ends together. You may want to use tools to do this as the ends of the wire can be quite difficult to twist tightly together and are often quite sharp.

3. Cut a length of wire and wrap one end onto the heart frame.

4. Add a bead before twisting the wire back onto the heart frame.

5. Repeat this process twisting the wire carefully, adding different beads and attaching to various parts of the heart. You will need numerous pieces of wire to complete the design. You can see what my heart looked like after the first piece of wire below.

6. Once you have finished, secure the ends carefully and hang it with thread.

Happy crafting, please comment below :)

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