Wednesday, 28 May 2014

How to Make a Wire Button Heart Ornament.

I have realised that I haven't done any button crafts in a little while. So to say true to the name of this blog, let's get crafting with wire button hearts...

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

How To Create Your Own Stained Glass Painting

I love this craft and originally used it to create my final piece for my Art GCSE. This peacock design was a gift for my mum. It is a copy from a beautiful design I found online. I don't know who the original artist is but designs are available at: . If anyone knows the artist please let me know so I can include it.

1. I started with a blank pane of glass. I used the glass out of a cheap photo frame (please be careful).

2. If you are creating a stained glass piece from a picture, place it underneath the glass and use it as a stencil. Much easier than attempting to copy it freehand. :)

3. Now here is the secret, nail art pens. They really are brilliant and their uses are endless. Using your picture as a template create your basic outline.

How to Create a Washi Tape Pencil Pot