Monday, 14 April 2014

How to create Easter Baskets

It's Easter time, so let's make some Spring baskets to fill with lots of goodies...
[great to make with kids]

1. Start by cutting out your basket template using bright and colourful card. I used a template I found online rather than drawing my own. It was much easier than trying to work out measurements and spoiling the Easter basket making fun. :) You can print off the template I used from the link at the bottom on this page. 
2. Fold all relevant edges carefully!
3. Cut out and stick on decorative card for the side panels.
4. Stick your basket together carefully and wait to set.
4. Give your basket a handle. I cut out a strip of pretty card using my wavy scissors to make it bit more fancy. :P
5. Here comes the best bit.. decorate. Let yourself be creative with ribbons, lace, buttons, whatever you can rustle up.
6. And Finally, fill with yummy Easter goodies and of course a little fluffy yellow chick.
Please note: you may find it easier to decorate before sticking the box together, however I did not want the decorations to fall off during this process. Either way, use the same steps, different order. Just have fun, that is the most important step of all. 

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