Thursday, 17 October 2013

Fabric Hearts

I had some scraps of fabric left over from something I was making and fancied creating something sweet and simple. I love making these little hearts as they are just so easy and can make such lovely gifts. You can stuff them with lavender or other smellies and transform them into  little wardrobe fresheners. Add any odds and ends you can find to give them that extra pretty feminine touch and done. :) I used little fabric roses, lace trimming and ribbon on these two. The little red bow is from a lindt chocolate rabbit and is perfect for little crafts like these. Have fun :) 

Monday, 14 October 2013

Nature's Own Bouquet

I have always liked hydrangeas. I love how they grow into readily formed bouquets with each of the individual flowers perfectly formed within the bunch. This particular hydrangea shows different shades of what I would like to think as pink ballet skirts, an ensemble of dancers. Comments appreciated, I would love to hear your thoughts :)

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Flower Pot Card

                      Voila, one flower pot card. Bill and Ben would be proud. I will admit that the plant pot looks a bit bare at the moment but I have left this blank so I can write an appropriate greetings message on it. I think this card would be suitable for so many different occasions; birthdays, anniversaries get well cards etc, so I am yet to decide what to use it for. Again, made from a mishmash of buttons, beads, sequins and card. Yes it is scrappy (alike so many of my cards) but it is bright and jolly, I think anyone would be proud to place it on their mantelpiece. This card was very easy to make and would be a great for getting children involved in it's creation. Also why not make the plant pot out of patterned paper and make the card that extra bit more jazzy? Hope you like it, comments welcomed. :)

Thursday, 10 October 2013

An English Tea Party

This collection of four cards is inspired by an English Tea Party, brimming cups of tea and yummy treats.

1. A Slice of Cake: Why settle for a scone when you can have a nice big slice of cake? Ingredients for this delicious cake include bugle beads, buttons and fabric trimmings. For the centre of this cake I used a pink ric rac to create the jam and a lace trim as the cream/frosting. Ribbon would also be great but I liked the wave in the trims that made it appear more lifelike. You could even add a candle. I hope you find this design as sweet as I do.

2. Cute Cupcake: Sugar and Sweet with a cherry on top. :) I admit i went a bit overboard on the sprinkles (bugle beads) but that's just how my cakes look, I always get over-excited with the decorations. And a sweet button cherry to top it off. The font used here is called 'crafty girls', I downloaded it for free from this website, It's just a cute and bubbly font, ideal for card making.

3. Tea for three: Our penultimate card. :) Cups and saucers arranged in a toppled tier like fashion that reminds me of the Mad Hatter's teaparty. These are made from left over wrapping paper scraps and are framed using a lace trim.

4. Teapot: Where would a good old fashioned English tea party be without a cute teapot? Made from wrapping paper and completed with little paper daisies and green beads. Ohh fancy. :)

Here is a picture of the complete collection. If you have a go at making any of these cards please comment and let me know how you got
on. I would love to know your thoughts. :)

Monday, 7 October 2013

Spider Halloween Card

Couldn't wait to get started on this card and since I am trying to be an early bird in preparation for Halloween, here is my spooky spider card [actually more cute than scary]. I always seem to have lots of black buttons in my sewing box and never really seem to find a use for them, well I have finally found one.

Ps: This has only just occured to me but why not add a little cobweb in the corner of the card?

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Funny Little Critter

This funny bug captured my attention as soon as I saw him and what a great excuse to use my macro setting. If you have any idea what this mysterious bug is, I would love to know. I have looked in my British wildlife book and no sign of anything similar so please let me know your thoughts. I just think he looks like a weird little almond on legs.

UPDATE: I have now been informed that this bug is a Vine Weevil (thanks to the Natural History Museum). Unfortunately I also discovered they are a bit of a pest in the garden, as he munches through all the plants and flowers. Let's hope for the garden's sake that I don't find any more.