Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Bumble Bee Button Card

I didn't have any stripey buttons so I had do a bit of improvisation. Using my nail art pens, I painted black stripes onto yellow buttons. You might be lucky enough to already have buttons that would be suitable but in my opinion, this was all part of the fun. So why not have a go? I wonder what else I could do this for? I feel experimentation is needed, I will keep you posted. Hope you like it, I would love to hear you thoughts. :)


  1. Love this little card. Wondering if you sell any of your creations? If so would love for you to make one for my baby girl.

  2. Sorry I only just received your message, I don't seem to receive notifications when I receive comments. I actually don't sell any of my cards at the moment, I just make them all for fun. This card was very easy to make and if you need any help or advice, let me know. Happy to help. I'm so pleased that you liked my card. Thank you for your kind message. It is lovely to hear positive messages. :)