Friday, 30 August 2013

How To Make A DreamCatcher

 I have wanted to create a dreamcatcher for quite a while but wanted to avoid those intricate threading patterns that made it much more complex. My auntie came up with the fab idea to use those old bangles that you often find at the bottom of your jewellery box. These are so cheap to buy and come in so many different and bright colours. This particular bangle is sparkly which, as well as being really pretty, it helps keep the thread from moving on the hoop.

I started by securing the thread onto the hoop. I used just plain coloured sewing thread but you could use embroidery thread, thin ribbon etc. I then lead the thread to the opposing side of the hoop. I found that by wrapping the thread around the hoop at each point, this prevented the thread from slipping and made the design more secure. I repeated this until I was happy with design. It took some attempts so don't give up, sometimes the messier designs look more interesting.

When I felt more confident with the process, I incorporated beads into the thread work. Shells would look great too.

Finally secure your thread to the hoop before cutting off the ends. Simple!

Using embroidery thread I added some decorative ends to the bottom of my dream catcher. I added beads by simply threading and knotting the thread. I also added feathers to make it more authentic. I filled the lower beads with hot glue before sliding them onto the feathers. This created a much cleaner look. My final design is below, I hope you like it. :)
I have also included two other designs [made by my cousin who is a creative little bean]. The orange dream catcher was made using metallic thread which catches the light really nicely. The opposing design contains a much greater variety of beads and ribbons which gives it a sort of boho feel. This craft was great fun to experiment with. I found that by adapting the tightness or thickness of the thread used, this created different effects so why not experiment? I would love to hear your comments. :)

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