Monday, 21 December 2015

Painted Christmas Hearts ♥

I bought these little wooden white hearts in hobby craft and using sequins and acrylic paints, I decorated them with Christmassy designs. I then used a hot glue gun to attach a ribbon to the back so I could hang them as mini Christmas ornaments. These would also look great as decorations for presents!

How to make a Sharpie Lantern

I can't take credit for this lovely idea as I saw it at a Xmas fair in the children's craft tent. You can buy lots of different 'stain glass' stickers in different craft stores. I decorated my glass jar/mason jar using Christmas stickers. I also wrapped thick wire around the edge of the jar and created a handle before using sharpies to colour the glass in. They look so beautiful in the dark and the colours look beautiful as the light shines through.   

How to make a sequin bauble

A pinterest inspired craft. 

Painted Reindeer

I bought this gorgeous little ceramic reindeer from hobby craft which I used acrylic paints to decorate. I love this little project and he looks so cute sat on my shelf helping everyone get into the Christmas spirit. There are so many fab projects available in shops around this time of year. Why not have an explore and make something new? 

Mini Clay Present hangings

What an easy and simple way to make a present seem extra special.